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What is Baptist Care?

Every day, our patients see examples of extraordinary, compassionate care. They see us go above and beyond expectations in providing outstanding service with a human touch.

Baptist provides innovative, first-in-San Antonio medical solutions to give our patients the promise of a better quality of life. We ensure a heartwarming, healing experience when they walk our halls, and well after they walk out of our doors. That’s the difference. That’s Baptist Care.


We communicate the Baptist Care message through story vignettes that explore the heartfelt care our patients receive and the improvement of their quality of life as a result. All the while showcasing the compassionate, human touch we provide across our organization. Watch our commercials and see our care in action. Click here to read more.


Following the mode of the television spots, our radio campaign frames the services and care-with-a-human-touch we provide with a question and answer that lets the listener know that above all, Baptist Care is about treating a person, not only a patient. Click here to read more.


Out in the community, to and from work or school, everyone can see a succinct but powerful and vivid message of what makes up Baptist Care. Click here to read more.


In newspapers, magazines and other print media, we have the opportunity to elaborate a little more on the Baptist Care message to craft a narrative of how we make an impact. Click here to read more.