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To ensure that our hiring procedures are completely fair and meet all legal requirements, Baptist Health System uses a standardized interview process. Our goal is to keep the interview process lawful, consistent, professionally relevant, sufficiently documented and, ultimately, to choose the best-qualified candidate for each position. Baptist is a nicotine free employer. We ask you to consider this before submitting a job application.

Our approach is thorough and efficient:

  • Upon completing the initial application, a Recruiter will screen applications for experience and qualification levels based on job requirements. Please note that all areas of the Application including the employment section must be completed even if you are attaching a resume. 
  • Upon review of qualifications, the Recruiter will then interview/screen candidate. Viable candidate applications will then be forwarded to the Hiring Director for further consideration and review.
  • If the Hiring Director is interested and feels an interview is warranted, they will contact the candidate directly to arrange an interview.
  • After successfully completing the interview process, the Hiring Director will select the most qualified candidate. The Recruiter will extend a formal offer to the selected candidate and pending acceptance, will begin the hiring process.