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Beating Pancreatic Cancer

Oct 29, 2010

KahlenbergMorton Kahlenberg, M.D. is in the business of making miracles happen. He is a fellowship-trained surgical oncologist and medical director of Surgical Oncology Associates . Cancer is a scary diagnosis and hearing that you have pancreatic cancer can be especially devastating. But with the right medical team, anything is possible. 

Case in point - a patient treated by Dr. Kahlenberg who had pancreatic cancer similar to that suffered by actor Patrick Swayze.  “The patient had locally advanced cancer of the pancreas and had been told he was not a candidate for surgery. Working with his medical oncologist and radiation oncologist, we decided to try and shrink the tumor with chemotherapy and radiation first to bring it to an operable size. The tumor responded to the treatment, I was able to remove it surgically, and today he is doing well. This type of approach results in better outcomes, even in the case of these bad cancers,” says Kahlenberg. 

Watch the video version of this remarkable story. 

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