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Kinesiotape on MNF (Monday Night Football Broncos vs Raiders)

Oct 04, 2013

Was #87, Eric Decker, of the Denver Broncos wearing a piece of tape on his right shoulder during his Monday night football game? Were you wondering why or what it was? Well I've got the answer! It was Kinesiotape and it was applied to his right shoulder for muscle inhibition purposes. It is known that Decker was probable for the last two games due to a shoulder injury, so it is safe to say the Bronco's Athletic Trainer is using Kinesiotape to assist with rehabilitation and pain control of a possible shoulder impingement. The specific application used on this athlete is definitely a deltoid muscle application and this is apparent from the "Y" shape of the tape that starts with the base at the deltoid insertion site and the tails that follow the muscle bellies of the anterior and posterior deltoid respectively to their origin site. Kinesiotape has very versatile applications which include but are not limited to muscle inhibition/facilitation, ligament/mechanical corrections, space correction, and lymphatic drainage! A certified Kinesiotape practitioner, like me, learns of the different applications and how to correctly apply the tape for the best results possible, which essentially can positively aide in the rehabilitation of any injury. So FYI, if someone is placing Kinesiotape based on a cool design, they are probably not educated properly on how and why Kinesiotape is used.

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