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Trigger Point Therapy

Oct 28, 2013

Have you ever had a headache that occurs consistently when you're at your desk for long periods of time? Or pain to your low back when you stand up straight for long periods of time? Or what about having pain to your neck, shoulder or elbow after doing some heavy lifting?

You may be suffering from trigger points. A trigger point is a tight, painful “knot” of muscle fiber. It can form where a muscle is strained or injured. The knot can sometimes be felt under the skin. A trigger point is very tender to the touch. Sometimes, trigger points can refer pain to another location on the body. Muscles around a knee, shoulder blade, or other bones are prone to trigger points. These can develop by holding a certain position for too long, performing repetitive actions, and lifting heavy objects.

Someone who is at a desk with his or her head down and towards the computer screen all day can develop upper trapezius trigger points. This particular trigger point refers pain to the side of the head from behind the ear to the corner of the eye.

Trigger point therapy can help relieve these symptoms by releasing constricted areas in the muscle. Also making the appropriate postural correction can alleviate some of your symptoms. If you have similar symptoms or questions about trigger points, contact your physical therapist. If you are in need of a physical therapist, connect with one at HealthLink today and schedule an appointment.

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