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Physician Order Set font size increase update

May 09, 2014

Our Regional BEST committee (a team of BHS clinical and hospital leaders), in efforts to continuously improve the safety of patient care, has recommended that the font on all our BHS Physician Order Sets be converted to a larger size.

The Informatics Department is in the process of incorporating this change, and several order
sets are re-posted with larger font each Tuesday.

When Order Sets are re-posted with larger font:
– The larger font will result in layout changes and possibly additional pages
– The version and publish date are updated to reflect the re-posting

Currently, all newly created and revised Order Sets are posted with the larger font.

If you are a member of the News Media, please contact Ashley Cardenas, Director of Public Relations at 210-297-1000 (office) or 210-837-2983 (cell).