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Blood Utilization Initiative at Baptist

In our continued efforts to enhance patient safety, Baptist Health System seeks to encourage our physician staff to use an evidence-based approach to blood product transfusion for all of our patients. We hope the information presented here will assist you as physicians to deliver evidence-based transfusion therapy to all of your patients.

Why Give 2 When 1 Will Do?

BHS Hemoglobin Critical Value to be Lowered
Read the letter from Emily E. Volk, MD
Physician Order for Blood Component Transfusion - Neonate
Physician Order for Blood Component Transfusion - Adult-Pediatric
Red Blood Cell Transfusion: A Clinical Practice Guideline From the AABB*
Blood Transfusion Practice Guideline
Practice Guidelines for Perioperative Blood Transfusion and Adjuvant Therapies
Blood Conservation Update
Platelet Transfusions


For more information contact Alex Miller, R.N.
Regional Director, Blood Utilization 
Phone (210) 297-9652