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Do You Know About the Ret-He Lab Test?

  • ret_heRet-He is a direct estimate of the recent functional availability of iron and may identify iron deficiency earlier than traditional parameters. 
  • Ret-He is an established parameter in the National Kidney Foundation guidelines for assessing the initial iron status and IV iron replacement of hemodialysis patients with chronic kidney disease. 

  • A low Ret-He is indicative of iron deficiency. 

  • With a Ret-He above the normal range, a patient may not respond to additional iron therapy. 

  • Ret-He is done at all BHS hospitals with the same sample that the CBC is done, when Ret-He is ordered by the physician. 

For more information, call Jennifer Rushton, MD, at (210) 572-4314 

Click here to download the Ret-He Powerpoint 

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