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Order Sets - August 2014

Order Sets Approved at July MEB:

Revised Order Sets (approved by COSAC):

Order Sets - June 2014

  • BHS Pre-Admission Testing Ortho
  • BHS Pre-Procedure Total Joint Replacement Orders
  • BHS Chemotherapy Administration Orders
  • BHS Febrile Neutropenia

Order Sets - May 2014

  • BHS Dialysis Hepatitis Serology Orders
  • BHS Orthopedic Total Joint Pre-Procedure Pain Orders- Anesthesiology Orders
  • BHS Primary Diagnosis Atrial Fibrillation or Atrial Flutter Discharge
  • BHS Specialty Bed and Surface Orders
  • BHS CDU: Supraventricular Tachycardia (SVT)
  • BHS CDU: Deep Venous Thrombosis Orders
  • BHS CDU: Headache Orders
  • BHS CDU: Pharyngitis-Peritonsilar Abscess
  • BHS CDU: Renal Colic Orders
  • BHS CDU: Seizure Orders
  • BHS CDU: Vertigo Orders
  • BHS CDU: Congestive Heart Failure Orders
  • BHS VTE Prophylaxis General
  • BHS VTE Prophylaxis Total Knee Replacement
  • BHS VTE Prophylaxis Medical
  • BHS VTE Prophylaxis Total Hip Replacement

Order Sets - April 2014

  • BHS CDU: Electrolyte Abnormality Orders
  • BHS CDU: Hyperglycemia Orders
  • BHS CDU: Hypoglycemia Orders
  • BHS Pediatric Retina Eye Exam Orders
  • BHS Pre-Operative Outpatient Cataract Surgery*
  • BHS Post-Operative Outpatient Cataract Surgery*
  • BHS Post-Operative Nephrectomy Orders*
  • BHS Outpatient Oncology Blood Transfusion Order set*
  • BHS COPD-Adjunct
  • BHS Universal Decolonization SDO*

Order Sets - March 2014

  • BHS Continuous Epidural Infusion Orders for Non-Laboring Patients
  • BHS Continuous Epidural Infusion Orders for Laboring patients
  • BHS CDU: Anemia - Requiring Blood Transfusion Orders
  • BHS CDU: Asthma Exacerbation Orders
  • BHS CDU: COPD Exacerbation Orders
  • BHS Impella Ventricular Assist Device Adjunct
  • BHS Impella Ventricular Assist Device Weaning Orders
  • BHS PICC Insertion and Care for Pediatrics
  • BHS Diabetic Ketoacidosis Admission PICU
  • BHS Pre/Post Sedation Orders Pediatrics
  • BHS Ischemic Stroke Initial Treatment: RRT/Inclusion Exclusion / tPA
  • BHS Acute Ischemic Stroke / TIA with tPA
  • BHS ED: Inclusion Exclusion Criteria for IV Alteplase
  • BHS ED: IV Alteplase Administration
  • BHS Complex Spine
  • BHS Post-Procedure Orders Neuro-Endovascular procedures