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Required Medical Staff Education on Code Grey-Disaster Planning

Jan 15, 2014


To:       Members of the BHS Medical Staff
From:  Dr. David Siegel, MD, JD, FACEP, FACP
RE:      Required Medical Staff Education on Code Grey-Disaster Planning

The Joint Commission requires that the medical staff be educated about their role in a Code Grey disaster.  The attached updated information on Code Grey has been condensed to include the most pertinent facts. Please review.

A Code Grey is the South Texas Regional Advisory Committee’s standardized hospital alert for disasters and subsequent hospital response. As an important member of the San Antonio community, the Baptist Health System maintains capability to respond to a variety of man-made and natural disasters.  Key to this capability is the ability to have adequate numbers of health care professionals to care for any and all persons who come through our doors requiring care.

The Joint Commission Hospital Accreditation Standard (EM.02.02.07 EP 8) states:
The hospital communicates in writing with licensed independent practitioners (LIP) regarding their roles in emergency response and to whom they report during an emergency.  

We believe that by using those physicians who are in-house and by calling in the MedFirst physicians, we will be able to handle most scenarios. However, it is possible that the needs of a particular situation may exceed our ability to provide timely care with internal resources. Therefore, we ask that you be available to respond to community needs if that becomes necessary.

In the event of a large event, we will ask you to be available to respond to our casualties. You will be contacted by phone, email or blast fax and told that there is a “Code Grey”. You will be asked to report to your designated primary hospital and be prepared to care for patients within the normal scope of your awarded privileges. If you are called, you will be told where to check in at your designated hospital and await further instructions.

In order to better prepare our physicians to respond to a “Code Grey,” BHS physicians will be educated on their emergency situation role during initial orientation.  Annual refresher education will be conducted through and EOC Monthly News Flash.  BHS will communicate in writing on roles, responsibilities and reporting instructions of LIPs through semiannual newsletters. 

The Baptist Health System appreciates the care and services that you provide to your patients.