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SWIFT ORDERS introduction letter form Dr. Wm. Bradshaw

Apr 04, 2014

Dear Doctors, PAs and NPs,

Thank you to all clinicians that have been utilizing the approved BHS medical staff created order sets. Coming soon, the most highly utilized paper order sets, now re-labeled as SWIFT ORDERS, will be available at all hospitals as electronic copies (iForms) to enhance the timely care of your patients.  Already in use at MTBH, we are pleased to announce the availability of the SWIFT ORDERS for electronic order entry of physician orders by staff* at the other four hospitals.

Why is this better?  Using the SWIFT ORDERS provides a number of excellent benefits:
* Simpler, quicker, more accurate entry of your orders
* Increased efficiency and speed of order processing
* More complete entry of nursing instructions
* Reduced risk of transcription errors

Paper order sets available for SWIFT Order entry include core measures, admissions, discharges, and many service line post procedures.  You can find your BHS order set directories via this link to the “For Doctors” web page (right side of screen):

Sincerely yours,

William H. Bradshaw, M.D., F.A.C.S.
President, Medical Staff 2013-2015

*Staff=Unit secretaries, nurses, etc..... (This does NOT include Physicians, PA’s, or NP’s)