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NOW! Entering Allergies in Physician Portal

Dec 06, 2013

Entering Allergies in Physician Portal
New! -- Physicians are now able to add, modify, or delete a patient's allergy information via Physician Portal under the Horizon Health Summary option on the menu bar.

Communicating important allergy information relative to the patient's Treatment Plan is an integral part of physician to physician hand-off reporting. Allergy information can be obtained by confirming with the patient if they have any allergies during their assessment and as part of the patient's allergy status in the electronic medical record. 

NOTE: The HHS Allergies feature is only available via the Live EHR icon through Citrix. The Live EHR functions exactly like the traditional Physician Portal with the current exception of x-ray image viewing which will be available later this month.  

See the illustration below. If you would like individual assistance with this new function, please contact one of our hospital-based Informaticists:

Baptist Medical Center             
Mark Collins   (210) 510-9610                             

Mission Trail Baptist Hospital          
Sherree Schuetze   (210) 215-0872 
Deanna Vandersyde   (210) 218-9059                                                              

North Central Baptist Hospital
Tricia Wertz   (210) 269-9240                                 

Northeast Baptist Hospital          
Steven Couch  (210) 618-4552                                                                                        

St. Luke's Baptist Hospital
Aaron Kravitz   (210) 865-7913

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