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Physician Recruitment

If you are a physician thinking about relocating to San Antonio or a physician already in South Texas and considering a move to Baptist Health System, we’d like to talk with you about teaming up with the Alamo Region’s 2011 Employer of the Year. At Baptist, we are looking for physicians who will join our effort to deliver the highest quality care in a great environment.

Healthcare Professionals

Baptist Health System’s Physician Recruitment team welcomes inquiries from physicians who’d like to learn more about working with Baptist Health System. 

Contact Us

Kit Throneberry
Baptist Health System Physician Recruitment
215 E. Quincy Suite 200
San Antonio, Texas 78215
Office 210-297-1052
Cell 512-988-2844

Gina Coliano
Physician Recruiter
215 E. Quincy Suite 200
San Antonio, TX 78215
Office 210-297-1054
Cell 210-827-8880
Fax Number 210-297-0000