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When seconds count.

At Baptist’s cath labs, our highly trained specialists diagnose and treat your heart using the most up-to-date cardiac catheterization procedures. We treat more than hearts, we treat people. Using the latest treatments and treating the whole person is our main goal. That’s Baptist Care.

Quicker, better medical response means less damage to your heart. With Cardiac Cath Labs incorporated into the Accredited Chest Pain Centers at all five Baptist hospitals, we’re close to home and close to work.

We’re proud of the efforts by Baptist’s doctors, nurses, staff and Emergency Medical Services crews to get our heart attack patients into the cath lab for treatment in most cases in 60 minutes or less from the time they walked into the ER. The national standard for “Door-to-Balloon” is 90 minutes.


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To find a physician or to schedule an appointment click here. If you prefer to speak with someone, our referral specialists are available 24 hours a day by calling 866-309-2873.

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Find a heart doctor who specializes in Cardiovascular Disease —  call (210) 297-7005.

“There is a patient that I’m taking to the lab to fix his abnormal heart rhythm,” says Dr. Stephen Reich, Cardiac Electrophysiologist. “

“He’s had previous cardiac surgery and before this stereotaxis technology was available in San Antonio, I wouldn’t have been able to help him. But now with this new catheter system, I’m going to be able to actually do the case. So we’re doing things that nobody else can do.”