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Orthopedic Specialists

Whether you’re already committed to joint replacement surgery or simply wondering if it’s possible for you or your loved one to live with less pain, Baptist can help.

If pain is keeping you from enjoying a full and active life, our orthopedic specialists are here to listen and work with you to find a solution. With our innovative rehab options, recovering from orthopedic surgery is easier than ever, helping you get back to life as quickly as possible.


Orthopedic Surgery Options

Bone and joint pain can range from annoying to agonizing. It is the second most common reason for seeing a doctor, yet many people endure the suffering longer than necessary before seeing an orthopedic specialist.

Treatment is about what’s best for you.

Whether your pain is caused by injury or disease, Baptist Health System orthopedic surgeons create personalized treatment for all patients, children to seniors, our dedicated staff knows just how far a helping hand can go.

“The whole mentality is to strive to take care of these folks as if they were your mother or your father,” says Dr. Bryan Kaiser, Orthopedic Surgeon. “How would you want them cared for?" 

"That’s the motivation for doing this is and trying to get the best, most skilled staff. I don’t think you get that at any other facility.”

We provide options that cater to your needs…

… in a way that no one else does.

  • Joint Clubs
  • Nationally recognized care
  • Individualized treatment
“Putting the patient first. That’s Baptist Care.”
–Dr. Ty Goletz, Orthopedic Surgeon

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Orthopedics Services

We understand pain is personal

Meet Kay

Kay Ross knows more about joint pain than just how to help people through it. Before she started volunteering with Baptist, Kay had both her knee and hip replaced due to chronic arthritis.  

“It had just gotten so very painful,” says Kay. “And we’re very active in our lives. I felt like I was just being cut out of doing the things I love to do.”

Dr. Ty Goletz suggested Kay have both her hip and knee replaced.

“You can wait until your pain is so bad that it decides for you,” says Kay. “But if you know you need it and the pain is already there, there’s no good reason to put it off.”

Kay says that recovery is not always easy, but it’s nothing the Joint Club and the Baptist doctors can’t get you through.

“You have a surgical pain because you’ve had major surgery,” says Kay, “but the chronic pain is gone. The minute you step out of bed you realize ‘I could have done this a year ago!’ I’m so glad to have my life back.”

Hip Replacement

When pain and stiffness make your daily routine difficult or impossible, a hip replacement can restore your mobility, control and hope. This procedure involves the replacement of the diseased or injured hip joint with a new, healthy hip that usually lasts 10-15 years.

Knee Replacement

If you find that rest, medicine and physical therapy are not effective at treating your knee pain, a knee replacement may be your best option. During the procedure, an orthopedic surgeon removes damaged bone and replaces the knee with a stronger artificial joint. People often return to normal activity within days or weeks of surgery.

Joint Club

You’re not alone, as more than 1 million Americans have a knee or hip replaced each year. Our joint clubs offer education and support, not only from our expert orthopedic surgeons but from other patients as well. Getting better together leads to a faster, happier recovery.

Bone & Joint Health Library

When you’re having problems with your bones or joints, you want answers. Our Orthopedic Health Library will help you find them. Read all about a specific procedure, watch videos or even take a quiz to figure out exactly what your next steps should be.