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What is the Joint Club?

The Joint Club is a unique Baptist support system for patients who are undergoing joint replacement surgery. We believe that going through the process with others helps patients recover faster and easier.

Club members:

  • Meet to discuss thoughts, concerns, challenges or successes
  • Learn about and begin recovery together
  • Ask questions of orthopedic specialists and orthopedic surgeons
  • Participate in rehab together with our team of physical therapists
  • Form friendships that last a lifetime, even participating in reunions like the Joint Club Ball

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To find a physician or to schedule an appointment click here. If you prefer to speak with someone, our referral specialists are available 24 hours a day by calling 866-309-2873.

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“I use Baptist at St. Luke’s exclusively for my surgery mostly because we have a joint club there,” says Dr. Ty Goletz, Orthopedic Surgeon. 

“To have a program from start to finish for total joint replacement for the patients makes the whole process patient-centered and gives better quality of care.”

Be prepared to get better faster.

Kay Ross, a veteran of both hip and knee replacement surgery at Baptist, agrees that Joint Club made her experiences comfortable and easy. In fact, Kay enjoyed her time there so much that she now volunteers for the program.

“I’ve had people say to me ‘If it weren’t for you, I probably would’ve chickened out,’” says Kay, “so I feel like I’m making a really good contribution.”

Kay says education and understanding are the keys to success for every Joint Club patient.

“The thing about the Joint Club is it that it prepares you for everything,” says Kay.

“It prepares you for walking into the hospital, getting your blood work done, what the recovery period is like, what your rehab is like. So you don’t come up on the floor thinking ‘Oh I’m scared to death. I don’t know what’s going on.’”

Patient readiness leads to faster recovery, and studies have shown that people who get back to their lives sooner after joint replacement surgery recover more fully.

Kay agrees.

“I love Joint Club,” says Kay. “I have my life back, and I just love it.”

“Kay not only had the problem of arthritis, of her joints, but she went through the surgery and returned to her lifestyle,” says  Dr. Ty Goletz, Orthopedic Surgeon. 

“Not only that, but she’s giving back to the hospital both as a volunteer and someone who helps other patients go through the same process. That’s a success story.”

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What makes Joint Club care better?

“The gold seal designation means that two of our hospitals in San Antonio are registered joint centers of excellence,” says Dr. Goletz.

“It means that each hospital is a place I want my patients to go because I know they’re going to get great care for their joint surgery and recovery,” says Dr. Goletz. “We can help them recover to their maximum potential.”

Jean E. Range, Executive Director of Disease-Specific Care Certification for the Joint Commission, explains the gold seal’s significance.

“This certification means Baptist Health System does the right things and does them well for knee and hip replacement patients.”

What will I need to participate in Joint Club?

Your doctor will fill you in on everything you need to do for Joint Club.

Get a head start by looking over our joint replacement guidebooks and filling out the pre-admissions form:

“When you realize you are not alone, that this is normal, it makes it very easy,” says Dr. David Fox, orthopedic surgeon for the Joint Club at Baptist.

“It makes it all seem OK, and that is the theory of Joint Club.”