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Getting better with the best technology

While Baptist Care is patient-focused at its core, we use the latest equipment and technology to make sure our patients get the best treatment to get better faster.

We understand the connection between the back and the brain (neuropathy), and we perform all types of procedures, from spinal fusion (laminectomy) to cancer-related tumor removal.

Baptist spine surgeons use:

  • A dedicated spinal operating room
  • High-tech equipment
  • Specially trained nurses, technicians and support staff

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Our doctors are the difference

Dr. Elizabeth L. Magnabosco knows that preparing for surgery can be daunting, so she works with each patient to take away the mystery and fear.

“They can email me with questions and I am available whenever they need to talk to me,” Dr. Magnabosco says.

Dr. Will Koeck has the same commitment to making sure his patients are calm and prepared.

“I have actually put former surgical patients in touch with new ones,” says Dr. Koeck.

“One patient had coffee at Starbucks with a future patient to talk about her experience and to allay the other girl’s fears,” he says.

Live your life, better.

Jenna Guzman was an active 13-year-old, playing softball, taking piano lessons and studying hard. Last year, while Jenna was trying on a dress, her mom noticed that one shoulder was higher than the other.

Jenna was diagnosed with scoliosis, an abnormal curvature of the spine. For eight months she wore a brace, but when it failed to prevent the curve from growing, Dr. Will Koeck, a pediatric orthopedic surgeon and spine specialist, recommended surgery. Now Jenna is back on the softball field, performing better than ever.

Learn more about what scoliosis patients like Jenna go through.

“Before surgery the nurses were really gentle,” Jenna says.

“They let me watch TV, and after surgery they helped me sit up in bed and helped me walk around,” says Jenna.

“It’s really a good decision, and it really helps your back,” Jenna says.

“I like that I’m taller! I was about 5’3” and now I’m about 5’6.” It makes a big difference.”

Jenna’s parents, Gus and Bridget, were also impressed with the hospital, from registration through surgery.

“They called us in the waiting area at least three times to tell us everything was fine and that Jenna was doing well,” Bridget says. “When it’s your child, that kind of reassurance is priceless.”

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