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Adult Inpatient Psychiatric Program

Our acute inpatient psychiatric program at Baptist Medical Center provides high quality behavioral healthcare and dual diagnosis services, which is treatment of co-occurring mental health and substance abuse issues. We provide mental health treatments in a safe, structured environment through a multi-disciplinary approach.

Each patient:

  • Receives an individualized treatment plan
  • Works with our clinical staff to stabilize symptoms
  • Develops the skills to return safely to the community
  • Learns how to function in daily life, including coping mechanisms for work, school or family life
  • Learns healthy methods for resolving problems in order to enjoy a more full life
  • Receives compassionate care in a safe environment

Patient and family education are also important components of the behavioral and mental health treatment process. Family members form the main support system for our patients, both in treatment and in their daily life.

Clinical and Professional Team

Our team of mental health specialists includes:
  • Clinical coordinators
  • Clinical nurses (RNs)
  • Clinical therapists
  • Medical doctors
  • Pastoral staff
  • Psychiatrists
  • Recreational therapists
  • Utilization review managers

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Ana Ballester-Fiallo, MD

Admission Criteria

Baptist will admit patients for mental health treatment if:

1. The patient has a psychiatric diagnosis or a suspected psychiatric illness

2. The patient demonstrates a clear and reasonable inference of imminent serious harm to self or others

3. There is a high probability of serious and dangerous deterioration of the patient’s medical or mental health

Scope of Mental and Behavioral Health Services

Our mental health specialists provide: