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The Creative Aging Center at Northeast Baptist Hospital

At Baptist, we believe age is an asset. We also know that our older citizens face many age-related health challenges and we want to offer them support. The Creative Aging Center at Northeast Baptist Hospital [link to locations page] was established to provide the highest quality senior health services in San Antonio. Baptist gives seniors one place to go to for support.

Other Services

Baptist created The Creative Aging Center as part of a goal to take a leadership role in senior services across South Texas by bringing innovative senior care programs on health and wellness to the communities we serve. Because we offer comprehensive, compassionate care to all of our patients and the community, we want to be the model of how hospitals can help people through every stage of life.

Our Centers of Excellence and nationally recognized senior health services programs provide solid support for everything you face as you age:

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24-hour referral line (210) 297-7005
The “Find a Physician” search tool above includes Baptist Health System physicians who have opted to participate in the Connect With Baptist narrowed network program. To get full details on the Connect Program, click here. Find the full credentialed medical staff here.

Creative Aging Center Services

The Creative Aging Center focuses on the art of living well for older people. 

Our center offers a full range of education, wellness and clinical programs designed to extend active lifestyles and independence for aging citizens. From specially crafted exercise and nutrition programs to senior health consulting services our center is designed to help improve and prolong healthy lifestyles.

“We treat people who are young and active,” says Dr. David Fox, orthopedic surgeon, “but we also like to think about older people who are active.” 

“There should be no age limit on an active lifestyle, and the more people we can keep moving, the better.”