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Life's uncertainties can leave you feeling confused and apprehensive. At Baptist, we want all of our patients to feel knowledgeable and empowered. 

The best way to ensure a safe, relaxed visit to the hospital is to be prepared.

Below you will find information that will ensure you are ready for your visit. If you have any feedback about your hospital stay or any non-medical questions, please  use this form to contact us. We welcome your feedback.

How to prepare:

For a visit to the hospital

  • Do I need to complete additional paperwork when I arrive at the hospital?

  • Do I need pre-testing done prior to my scheduled surgery date?

  • What do I need to bring to my pre-admission testing visit?

  • Where do I check in?

  • How should I prepare for my visit?

  • How do I get directions to the hospital?

  • Do I need to bring my current Advance Directive?

Preparing For Your Surgery

Preparing For Your Child's Surgery

  • What do I need to bring the day of my child’s surgery?

  • What if my child becomes ill with a simple cold?

  • What food and drink restrictions must my child follow in preparation for surgery?

  • Do I need to bring my child's current Advance Directive?

The Day of Surgery