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Meet a Few of Our Heroes at Baptist Health System

You may have heard that crisis doesn’t make or break you, it reveals you. When COVID-19 appeared on the horizon, our teams were ready. We always knew that the doctors, nurses and staff at Baptist Health System came to work with compassion, support and expertise. What we’ve seen in the last few months is a true revealing of what it means to have a calling to the medical profession. Every day, we see tireless and selfless giving of care. We see sacrifice and perseverance to fight a ferocious enemy. And we see compassion and gratitude for the beauty in every victory.

Thank you to our team that makes us A Community Built on Care. We’re honored to share just a few of the stories of men and women who are making a positive difference.

Group photo of nurses
St. Luke's Baptist EVS
Group photo of nurses
Northeast Baptist Hospital EVS
Group photo of nurses
North Central Baptist Hospital EVS
Group photo of nurses
Mission Trail Baptist Hospital EVS
Baptist Medical Center Hospital EVS
Jeannette Valera, RN
Jeannette Valera, RN
Emily Rippeth, RN ED
Emily Rippeth, RN ED
Guillermina Fredgren, RN ICU nurse
Guillermina Fredgren, RN ICU nurse working in COVID unit and Odaris Cardenas, RN ED nurse working in COVID unit

What Our Patients Are Saying

Every day, we have opportunities to see patients improve their quality of life. And it’s also gratifying to see what patients have to say about their experience with us. Below are some of the comments from Patient Satisfaction Surveys. Thank you for your support for our Community Built on Care.

Comments are gathered from our Patient Satisfaction Survey and displayed in their entirety. Patients are de-identified for confidentiality and patient privacy.

Baptist Medical Center

I would definitely recommend Baptist to anyone that needs to go to an Emergency Room.

Radiology was super polite and made the experience as comfortable as possible. I can't speak highly enough about the treatment I received.

Everyone was excellent. It was my first time in a hospital emergency room, and they put me at ease right away.

I want to thank all the staff that took care of me while I was in the hospital. They were very attentive, courteous, positive, uplifting and made me feel safe. They are much appreciated.

Mission Trail Baptist Hospital

I'm very happy with the service. If anyone needs a hospital, I recommend the Mission Trail.

Under the circumstances, my experience was comfortable and pleasant.

I was very pleased and satisfied with the attentiveness provided to me by the staff at the hospital.

North Central Baptist Hospital

It was a very pleasant stay. Everyone was very kind, understanding, and they were always there for me. If I have to go to a hospital, I would choose North Central Baptist again. I wouldn't go anywhere else.

Overall, we had a great stay. The staff and nurses were attentive and answered our questions. The food services were good as well. We would definitely recommend this hospital to family and friends.

My stay was excellent, and I would highly recommend this hospital and their rehab unit to all family members.

Northeast Baptist Hospital

They treated me with respect and dignity, and I was amazed at the quality of the help that was there. Their attitudes were outstanding, and I really appreciate the time that they spent with me.

My experience at the Northeast Hospital was very good. I appreciate everything they did for me. The nurses did well taking care of me, and the doctors gave me the information I needed. I had the best experience at Northeast Baptist.

St. Luke's Baptist Hospital

I am a registered nurse myself and have been in teaching for many years. This nursing staff is one of the best I have ever seen. I can't think of any registered nurse I met that was not practicing perfectly. Thank you.

I had an amazing experience with my nurses. Each of them were amazing, especially Hector and BJ. They made me feel very comfortable and at home.