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Each year we receive requests for millions of dollars to support very worthy organizations. Although it’s not possible to fund every request, the information you provide below will help us determine whether Baptist Health System will offer sponsorship to your organization. 

Requests are reviewed, evaluated and decided upon by committee and selected prior to the start of the Baptist Health System fiscal year.  We ask that community organizations submit requests three months to a year in advance, especially if this is a first-time sponsorship request. The deadline for submission for next fiscal year is April 30. You will be notified if your request for sponsorship is approved.

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Section 2: Information about the sponsorship opportunity or event.
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It is recommended that you print a copy of this application for your records before clicking the “submit” button.
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In addition to our regular e-news, Baptist Health System occasionally sends out special messages highlighting the following topics. Please indicate those topics in which you are interested in receiving information.
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