Volunteer at Baptist Health System

Here in the Baptist Health System, we consider our volunteers a vital part of treatment. When you serve with us, you restore our patients’ health and spirits. 

Whether offering kind words or considerate gestures, your volunteer service has the power to renew hope in the hearts of our patients and their families. That’s Baptist care.

Picture Yourself as a Volunteer at Baptist Health System

To become a volunteer at the hospital of your choice, you will be asked to:

  • Participate in an interview. During the interview a variety of volunteer positions will be discussed.
  • Complete the medical requirements: tuberculosis screening, flu shot (seasonal), and immunization records review by the Employee Health Nurse. TB screenings and flu shots will be provided at no charge to you.
  • Sign a nicotine product statement.
  • Complete a background check through our Human Resources Department.
  • Attend an orientation.
  • Wear a Volunteer uniform.
  • Commit to 100 hours of volunteer service completed in one year from your start date.
Click Here to print and complete an application and send it to the Baptist Hospital of your choice listed below. Click Here to complete an application for Baptist Medical Center. The Volunteer Department will contact you to set up an interview appointment.

Baptist Volunteer Locations

Baptist Medical Center 
111 Dallas St.
San Antonio, TX 78205
Erin Connelly-Orlowski
Office (210) 297-7677
Fax (210) 297-0726
Volunteer Application Form for BMC

North Central Baptist
520 Madison Oak Dr.
San Antonio, TX 78258
Lisa Kyrisch
Office (210) 297-4677
Fax (210) 297-0424

St. Luke’s Baptist
7930 Floyd Curl Dr.
San Antonio, TX 78229
Laura Crockett
Office (210) 297-5870
Fax (210) 297-0504

School of Health Professions
8400 Datapoint Drive
San Antonio, TX 78229
Marion Jewell
Office (210) 297-9630
Fax (210) 297-0572

Mission Trail Baptist
3333 Research Plaza
San Antonio, TX 78235
Tim Cranfill
Office (210) 297-3​751
Fax (210) 297-0300

Northeast Baptist
8811 Village Drive
San Antonio, TX 78217
Elizabeth Miller
(210) 297-2279
Fax (210) 297-0200

Healthlink Fitness and Wellness Center
288 Bitters Rd.
San Antonio, TX 89216
Patti Stephens
Office (210) 297-9906
Fax (210) 297-0982

Youth Volunteers

Youth Volunteers (16-17 years of age) are oriented in June. They may serve as a volunteer for one year, following completion of their volunteer requirements. Please contact a hospital listed above to obtain details concerning the youth volunteer program.

Thank you for choosing Baptist Health System as your place to volunteer! We appreciate your gift of time to serve others.

Volunteer Positions Available

Baptist Medical Center

    • Acute Rehab PT/OT
    • Admitting
    • Central Supply/Materials Management
    • Clerical Tasks/Misc. Offices
    • NICU Cuddlers
    • Emergency Department
    • Food and Nutrition
    • Human Resources
    • Information Desk Greeter
    • Laboratory
    • Pastoral Care
    • Pharmacy
    • Surgical Host/Hostess
    • Various Nursing Units

St. Luke's Baptist Hospital

    • Acute Rehab PT/OT
    • Admitting
    • Central Supply/Materials Management
    • Clerical Tasks/Misc. Offices
    • Emergency Department
    • Eucharistic Ministers
    • Food and Nutrition
    • Greeter/Wayfinder
    • Human Resources
    • ICU Reception Area
    • Information Desk
    • Laboratory
    • Mentors-Stroke, Amputee
    • Music
    • NICU Cuddlers
    • NICU Reception Area
    • Nursing Units
    • Pastoral Care
    • Pet Therapy
    • Pharmacy
    • Popcorn Machine
    • Surgical
    • Surgical Supply
    • Women’s Center-Labor & Delivery/Couplet Care


Baptist Medical Center


Una Russell

My name is Una Russell and I have been a volunteer at BMC in the SICU for almost 37 years. I believe that being of service to others is a privilege and an honor and I will continue to serve as long as I feel my efforts are accomplishing something and that I make a difference. Volunteering is not a one-way flow of assistance but mutual activities where you also learn from those you are trying to help. My volunteer activities in SICU have provided me a wonderful opportunity for personal development and self-fulfillment and when you like the people you work with, it is so much more rewarding.


Harvey Terrill

I have been a Volunteer on 6A [the Surgery Waiting Room] for over 20 years. I volunteer because I love the people that I get to help when I am here. It is also a great service to our staff and the community. The people [that I help] keep me coming back every week.

St. Luke's Baptist Hospital


Edward Contreras

After spending 29 years in the military and 19 years working for the Veterans Administration and the Department of Commerce, I was lost at home. I decided to transition from a career of service to a life of service. Volunteering is good for the heart and mind and it keeps you active. I have been a volunteer at St. Luke's Hospital for 4 years, working first at the gift shop and now at the information desk. People come to the hospital stressed or worried about their love ones or friends. I provide information and direction. It feel good helping others and it is the best thing I could have ever done. The Volunteer Department and the staff members of St. Luke's are committed not only to the patient(s) but also to their families.


Anita Roberts

I started volunteering at 16 years of age at Grace Lutheran Hospital. (Now known at St. Luke's Baptist). Life happens including marriage, children, and career....then you retire. After retiring and returning to San Antonio in 2002, I wanted to "re-enlist" to volunteer at St. Luke's Baptist Hospital and join the Hospital Auxiliary.

As a new volunteer in training, I discovered current volunteers had been in their positions for 25+ years. Now, I can understand why....the staff and fellow volunteers are professional, fun, friendly, and helpful. The employees make us feel very appreciated.

Over the years, I have served in the Surgical Reception Area, the Gift Shop, and currently, the ICU Reception Area. Being able to help patients, families, and the staff is a good feeling of accomplishment. I feel blessed to be a volunteer at St. Luke's Baptist Hospital.