Baptist Health System Mobile Apps

Put Baptist Health in Your Pocket

To enhance your experience with Baptist Health System, you can download The Baptist Health System mobile app. It’s your daily, interactive, one-stop source for the latest health and wellness tips from our experts — plus much more!

Manage Your Health with the Baptist App

Features of our app include: 

  • Emergency room check-in online
  • Find a doctor search
  • Online bill pay
  • Easy access to our social media pages
  • Health class and event sign-up
  • Listings of available hospital services
  • Baptist contact information
  • Turn-by-turn directions

Download the Baptist App Today!

Download the app today for your Apple or Android device. (You can also search for “Baptist Health System” in your device’s app store).

BHealthy Baby App

Mobile Maternity Smartphone App

Are you expecting? Expect the best with BHealthy Baby, the baby app from Baptist Health System. BHealthy Baby is for moms-to-be who are on the go and want to be well prepared for every stage of pregnancy. From health tips to tracking tools, BHealthy Baby is here to help you and your baby have a happy and healthy experience.

Features of BHealthy Baby:

  • Compatible with Android, iPhone, iPod, and iPad
  • Enter your due date to follow your baby’s development
  • Find out how many weeks along you are and how many days left until your due date
  • Receive weekly tips from the doctors at Baptist Health System
  • Take photos to share with family and friends via email and Facebook
  • Log your daily symptoms, weight and waist measurements so you can easily discuss them with your doctor
  • Use the Track feature to record your baby’s kicks and time your contractions
  • Keep track of appointments on the Mobile Maternity calendar
  • Record notes in your diary
  • Contact an OB/GYN at Baptist Health System
  • Get directions to Baptist Health Hospital
  • Get birthing class information and register for classes
  • Read hospital packing tips
  • Read tips for bathing your baby

Download the BHealthy Baby App Today!

Download the app today for your Apple or Android device. (You can also search for “Baptist Health System” in your device’s app store.)