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High School HOSA/Magnet Students

Baptist Health System offers high school health science students the opportunity to learn from and observe health care professionals in a variety of settings. Students are able to connect concepts learned in a classroom with on-site observational experiences in a hospital setting. While students are not permitted to provide direct patient care, there are a number of opportunities to learn and assist under the guidance of hospital staff.

Instructor Preparation for the Student’s Clinical Experience

Current Affiliation Agreement: Students must attend a school or program with a current affiliation agreement with BHS.

Current Enrollment in a Course: High School HOSA/Health Science students must be enrolled in a course with specific clinical objectives to be met at the hospital. The High School Instructor must accompany/supervise the students while they are in the hospital.

Scheduling Student Rotation Days/Hours: The High School Instructor must contact Lorna Thomas ( at least 6 weeks prior to the start of a student rotation to request rotation days/times for the student group. Requests will be forwarded to the specified BHS hospital to assess the ability to accommodate the student group.

Student Paperwork Requirements: Faculty must work with students to review all material in the Orientation Booklet for High School Students. Once the material has been reviewed, students must complete and return the student paperwork to Lorna Thomas ( All paperwork can be requested by submitting the form on this page. All paperwork must be received prior to the start of the clinical experience. Student paperwork should not be submitted to the hospital staff.

Download Student Orientation Booklet

Review of Student Policies

Before arriving to the hospital, students must review the following documents:

  • Student/Faculty Infectious Illness and Clinical Restrictions (HR-EH-17)
  • Student Assignments at BHS Hospitals (HR-99)
  • Student Affiliation Agreement and Orientation Requirements (HR-105)
Download Student Policies

Additional BHS Policies and Procedures are located on the BHS Intranet homepage under the “Most Popular’ tab. Please ask staff for assistance locating policies.

Dress Code

Students are to wear khaki colored pants and a polo shirt (or an alternative uniform provided by BHS). A school issued photo ID badge should be worn at all times, and visible at the level of the label. Scrubs are not to be worn while the high school student is in the hospital setting for a clinical rotation.

Please remind students that visible body piercings (including tongue, eyebrow, nose and lips) are not permitted. Any visible tattoos are to be completely covered. Open-toed shoes are prohibited while in the hospital.

Cell Phones/Electronic Devices

Photography is not permitted in any BHS facility. Students are not to use cell phones, electronic devices or photography while in patient care areas.

High School Student Scheduling/Supervision

Each BHS hospital will designate an individual point of contact for each High School student group. The High School Instructor will meet with the designated point of contact at the hospital to coordinate a rotation schedule and discuss any hospital specific requirements. Please note: High School students are not to provide direct patient care, transport patients, enter isolation precaution rooms, or observe in the L&D and Surgical Services areas.

Nursing & Allied Health Clinical Rotations