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Baptist Health System has more than 120 years’ history of caring for our community and making a positive difference. From welcoming your babies to restoring health or treating you in an emergency, we know that care is more than medicine. It’s compassion. It’s attentiveness. And a healthy dose of kindness. Our system of care includes six full-service hospitals, a specialized children’s hospital with a dedicated pediatric emergency unit, a comprehensive cancer care network, fitness and rehabilitation centers, a physician network, imaging centers, ambulatory services and the Baptist School of Health Professions. Wherever you go in the Baptist Health System, you’ll find that we have the same goal – to help people achieve health for life through compassionate service inspired by faith.

Caring, nurturing and helping heal friends, loved ones and neighbors is our passion. We are honored to have the opportunity to serve you.

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We understand that it can be confusing to estimate treatment costs before choosing care. A comprehensive list of the hospital’s shoppable services and standard charges for services are available for review.

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News & Announcements

Future Of Spine Surgery Available Today At Baptist Hospital

Jun 4, 2019

Revolutionary Intra-operative O-arm® Imaging System Installed
for Treatment of Spinal Disorders

North Central Baptist Hospital announced today that it has entered a new era in advanced patient care with the O-arm® Multidimensional Imaging System.

“We are bringing this technology to North Central Baptist in an effort to equip physicians with technology that can help improve the patient experience,” said Bill Waechter, North Central Baptist Hospital President. “For patients undergoing spinal procedures, the new O-arm may provide for less invasive surgeries, faster recovery times, and improved outcomes.”

The O-arm provides complete multi-dimensional, intra-operative surgical imaging, giving surgeons real-time, 3-D images, as well as multi-plane, 2-D and fluoroscopic imaging. Using these images, North Central Baptist Hospital’s neurosurgeons and orthopedic surgeons can view the patient anatomy in the operative position, monitor the status of the surgery, and verify the surgical changes with a 3D volumetric image prior to the patient leaving the surgical suite.

“Time is critical in the operating room,” said neurosurgeon Derrick Sun, MD. “The O-arm® offers multidimensional images in about 30 seconds, and provides me with real time 2-D and 3-D imaging not offered by other available technologies.”

The O-arm® Imaging System by Medtronic Inc., offers patented breakable gantry, a flat-screen detector that enables it to collect 2-D or 3-D volumetric imaging within seconds, and is designed specifically for use by surgeons in standard operating rooms while yielding high-quality imaging comparable to fixed CT systems.  Electromechanical features enable repeatable positioning of the gantry between imaging shots and an unobtrusive location to permit unrestricted patient access.

Initially intended for use in orthopedic surgical procedures, the O-arm® Imaging System features the design flexibility to allow for expansion to additional surgical applications.  The O-arm® Imaging System received FDA clearance early 2006.