Meet a Few of Our Heroes at Baptist Health System

You may have heard that crisis doesn’t make or break you, it reveals you. When COVID-19 appeared on the horizon, our teams were ready. We always knew that the doctors, nurses and staff at Baptist Health System came to work with compassion, support and expertise. What we’ve seen in the last few months is a true revealing of what it means to have a calling to the medical profession. Every day, we see tireless and selfless giving of care. We see sacrifice and perseverance to fight a ferocious enemy. And we see compassion and gratitude for the beauty in every victory.

Thank you to our team that makes us A Community Built on Care. We’re honored to share just a few of the stories of men and women who are making a positive difference.

Amber Craig, Emergency Services Manager, West Valley Medical Center

In the midst of a pandemic, Amber is proud to come to work each day with her incredible team. She also acknowledges her “team” at home who keeps things running while she is away. From her parents bringing groceries to her daughter cooking and cleaning, Amber credits her family to stepping up while she is away at work during such a critical time.

“This month has been trying. It’s caused many tears, and a lot of lost sleep,” explains Amber. “My husband has been my rock. He has wiped every tear, cooked and cleaned, repaired the house, balanced the budget and given me encouragement. He hasn’t complained that I’m never home, and supports his nurse. I’m so very blessed to be a nurse, even more because I have this team behind me!”

Thank you Amber for all the sacrifices you make at home to serve those in need!

Amber Craig

Patrick Pabone, Nurse Navigator, Sarah Cannon Research Institute

Patrick, a Sarah Cannon nurse navigator, was asked to assist with COVID-19 screening after his regular work hours. He did not hesitate to offer his time to help his colleagues during this busy time—and not only helped with screening for three days, but also transported PUI patients to their unit when needed. Patrick defines what nursing is all about—going above and beyond for patients every day.

When thanked for going above and beyond the call of duty, Patrick replied, “Thank you! It is actually very humbling being on the front line. We want to provide the most warm and loving care to the patients who come in. Truly defines what nursing is really about!”

Thank you Patrick for all the support you are providing on the frontline!

Patrick Pabone

Ashanti Norris, Critical Care Nurse, Houston Healthcare Northwest

Hospitals are seeing an increasing amount of patients due to COVID-19, and Ashanti could tell her team members could use a morale boost. She posted a note on Nextdoor, a social networking site for neighborhoods, asking if anyone in the community would be interested in writing thank you notes to health care professionals. The response was overwhelming. Ashley collected enough thank you notes for everyone on her floor.

“Every once in a while you just need a boost,” Ashanti told KHOU-TV. “You just need to know that the work that you’re doing. It matters. And thank you cards, like this. I think it’s going to go such a long way.”

Thank you Ashanti for caring during COVID-19 and uplifting others!

Ashanti Norris

Trisha Manthe, Critical Care Nurse, Southern Hills Hospital and Medical Center

Trisha is on the front lines as an ER nurse providing superior patient-care to those who need it most. She has two kids at home, and her husband, who is in the Air Force, just returned from Qatar. In the midst of all she has going on, she decided to pick up extra shifts to cover needs at the hospital related to COVID-19.

Thank you Trisha for your dedication to serving others!

Trisha Manthe

Jackie Nettles, Neuroscience Nurse, North Florida Regional Medical Center

In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19 to our patients and colleagues, our facilities currently have restrictions in place for visitor access. When a patient’s wife asked if she could “visit” with her husband through the window, Jackie brought the patient to the window of his room so that he could see his wife, who was on the sidewalk on the other side of the road with an “I Love You” sign. This small gesture made such a tremendous difference for this patient.

Thank you Jackie for going above and beyond to care like family!

Jackie Nettles