Baptist Health System and San Antonio Zoo are joining forces

Jun 20, 2023

SAN ANTONIO - Baptist Health System and San Antonio Zoo are joining forces to help educate the community about the health and wellness of our human and animal worlds. Baptist Health System and San Antonio Zoo are both dedicated to ensuring healthy futures for all living creatures. Working together, the organizations hope to effect positive change and perspectives in our community. Baptist is calling the year-long partnership Wild About Health.

“At Baptist Health System we have been providing healthcare for San Antonio since 1903. San Antonio Zoo has been securing a future for wildlife since 1914. We are excited to be working with the zoo to explore health topics that broach both worlds,” said Matt Stone, Baptist Health System Group CEO.

Over the next year, Baptist Health System will share tips and information that correlates to what both organizations do around health and wellness. For instance, giraffes need UV protection, just like humans. The darker color in giraffe tongues is a result of the extra melanin that helps to prevent sunburns, a reference to Baptist Children’s Hospital mascot, Geri the Giraffe. Tips for new moms could be delivered in tandem with an image of a mama bird in a zoo aviary preparing her nest for a new chick. Family health and wellness might be associated with a flamingo trying to balance family, work, and health. “The zoo partnership will be a fun and visual way to help improve the health of our community,” said Stone.

“At San Antonio Zoo, we are fully committed to securing a future for wildlife and wild places through education and conservation,” said Tim Morrow, President and CEO of San Antonio Zoo. “Our partnership with Baptist Health provides us with an opportunity to further our mission by inspiring and educating our community. Together, we will ignite a passion for protecting our natural world and preserving it for people and wildlife for generations to come. We invite other businesses to join us in supporting our mission and create a better future for all."

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