Homemade cookies ‘heal’ at hospital

Sep 30, 2020
Hospital volunteers don’t let COVID keep them from making a difference

Lisa-300-x-250Who knew cookies could be good for your health? During the COVID-19 pandemic in particular, homemade cookies are making a difference in the well-being of both the hospital staff recipients as well as the hospital volunteers who are baking them. In early spring 2020, at North Central Baptist Hospital, volunteers were notified that they would not be allowed to volunteer in person at the hospital until city, state and CDC guidelines deemed it was safe for them to return. But they didn’t let that stop them from making a positive difference from a distance.

Lisa-cookies-200-x-250Marianne Dorsett, who has been volunteering at North Central Baptist for 12 years, said instead of lamenting their temporary leave, she rallied her fellow hospital volunteers to get down to the business of baking – all for the hospital staff.  “Since we’re at home, we can bake and it’s calming and a meditative process for us,” Dorsett said. “And the finished product puts a smile on the faces of our hospital staff – the nurses, doctors, maintenance workers, housekeepers – everyone! It’s what we can do now to help those who are caring for others during these stressful times. And it allows us to keep in touch in a special way,” she said. Since mid-June, they’ve baked about 70 dozen cookies for hospital staff.

Lisa Kyrisch, volunteer coordinator at North Central Baptist, said she was moved by her volunteers’ commitment and act of compassion. “Our volunteers contribute thousands of hours and play a vital role in the success of our operations and patient care each year. When they aren’t around, we are impacted,” she said. “So when they wanted to do this to continue helping, I designed a simple card that says, ‘Thank you, Hospital Heroes!’ that goes with each delivery to our staff.” Kyrisch said she has an abundance of cookies – all homemade – thanks to her volunteers, that she is able to deliver daily to departments throughout the hospital. “We put a lot of smiles on faces and that’s much needed right now. We’re so grateful for the continued support of our volunteers even though they can’t physically be here. They’re keeping in touch like family and our hospital workers are remaining strong and feel appreciated because of them. Something that seems so simple can make a huge and positive difference in the hearts and minds of our hospital staff. It’s healing,” she said.

View the media story that aired on KABB-TV/FOX News here:

Volunteers back at work bringing cookies, smiles to hospital workers

by David Norris

Aug. 27, 2020


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