NASA Technology Helps Patients Recover Mobility

Jun 4, 2019

Space-Age, Anti-Gravity Physical Therapy Being Used at HealthLink

Physical Therapists at HealthLink fitness and rehabilitation are helping patients recover from a variety of injuries, illnesses and surgeries using space-age technology developed by NASA. The AlterG anti-gravity treadmill uses differential air pressure technology, which allows patients to defy gravity during physical therapy sessions to help them work out without the pain that can be associated with typical weight bearing exercises. Patients zip into “space shorts”, which are made of a wetsuit type material. They climb onto the anti-gravity treadmill, which has a pocket at the bottom that fills up with air and offers reverse pressure, supporting the patient at up to 80 percent of their weight. Using the AlterG treadmill allows patients to walk and run longer and without pain using normal gait cycle muscles.

HealthLink Physical Therapist Jordan Mazick, PT, DPT uses the technology with patients who may have arthritis, ankle sprains, achilles repairs, who have had ACL reconstruction and other orthopedic surgeries. The therapy can also be used for patients who have suffered a stroke or other neurologic issues.

HealthLink patient Bill Wilson has suffered from low back pain and pain in both legs for many years. He had surgery to his lumbar spine in 2015, which helped his pain but it has gradually worsened over the past 3 years. He had a total ankle replacement in January 2018 and since then has walked with a cane. Bill’s ability to walk safely and perform daily activities has been greatly compromised due to his health issues. Using the Alter-G in combination with other strengthening exercises is helping Bill to restore his optimal level of function.

Alter G Therapy is offered at the HealthLink clinic located at 8230 N Loop 1604 W, Ste 201San Antonio, TX 78249. For more information call (210) 423-3711.

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