NICU RN inspires young mom to complete RN degree, land job as NICU RN at North Central Baptist

Jul 20, 2023

(San Antonio, TX) ­­– Young Mom, Calais Newman, 35, said it was the compassionate care and outstanding treatment she and her NICU baby received at North Central Baptist Hospital that inspired her to pursue her education to become an RN. One NICU RN in particular named Lulu was the catalyst, Newman said, to a series of exciting events that soon transpired after Newman and her daughter, Madelyn, were released from the NICU five years ago.

Lulu Rodriguez, RN, was the NICU nurse who cared for little Madelyn when she was born a micro-preemie. When Madelyn was born five years ago, she came three months early by emergency C-section and weighed only 2.5 lbs. Today, Madelyn is 5 years old and healthy, Newman says, thanks to the dedicated care she received from Lulu and the healthcare teams during her three-month stay in the NICU at North Central Baptist Hospital.

Newman was so inspired by Rodriguez’ dedication, knowledge and caring support that she wanted to follow in Rodriguez’ footsteps, and she did. Newman enrolled in Nursing School at the Baptist School of Health Professions and graduated May 12, 2023 as an RN. Newman’s daughter, Madelyn, also graduated from Kindergarten that same month as her mom graduated from nursing school.

Upon graduation, Newman applied for open positions within the Baptist Health System. She was elated to soon be offered a position to work in the NICU right alongside Rodriguez caring for preemies. She began her exciting new career as an RN in the NICU at North Central Baptist Hospital this summer.

Newman says her life has come full circle as it brings her back to North Central Baptist Hospital where her journey as a new mom and her interest in nursing first began. Newman had a difficult time conceiving, but said Madelyn came after her third IVF treatment.

“She’s a miracle baby and Lulu and the NICU helped her and me through all the challenges that we experienced during that time,” Newman said. “Now, I’m excited to be able to join Lulu as an RN myself and help other women and preemies to be able to overcome any barriers so they can also live a full life as Madelyn and I have been blessed to do,” she said.

Madelyn Newman and her Mom
(Pictured left to right) Madelyn Newman and her Mom, Calais Newman, RN, celebrate their reunion and Calais’ graduation and new nursing career with Lulu Rodriguez, RN, at North Central Baptist Hospital.
Calais Newman is pictured holding her micro-preemie
Calais Newman is pictured holding her micro-preemie, Madelyn, in 2018 in the NICU at North Central Baptist Hospital.

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