Students Get the M.O.S.T. out of Inspirational Hospital Program

Jun 4, 2019

(San Antonio, TX) - Inspiring and motivating at-risk young people to achieve their dreams is the aim of several innovative programs at Tenet hospitals across the country. In San Antonio Edwin “Eli” James Whitney, M.D., FACC, cardiologist at Northeast Baptist Hospital, is helping young people as the founder and president of Motivate Our Students Texas, Inc. or the “M.O.S.T.” program.

M.O.S.T. encourages and inspires students to reach for higher education and provides them with skills that can help them to succeed in life. Students take part in three educational expeditions each year, visiting a variety of work sites. One of those visits is to Northeast Baptist Hospital. Dr. Whitney organizes and coordinates the M.O.S.T. visits for forty to fifty elementary students who tour various departments in the hospital. The students see demonstrations and hear from staff about what goes on in the hospital every day.

Another key part of the program is a monthly speakers bureau visit to homeroom classes where professionals talk with students about the many career opportunities they can pursue. Pachall Elementary School Principal Jayanna Kelly says the M.O.S.T. program has made an incredible impact on her students. “I have confidence that there will be many students that achieve their goals and will have a positive impact on our society as a result of this program. Thank you for your vision and the courage it takes to implement that vision for these students.”

The M.O.S.T. program is making a huge difference at Five Palms Elementary as well. For students who are involved in the M.O.S.T. program, assessment test scores go up, attendance goes up, they turn in homework more often, and discipline reports go down.

Dr. Whitney sums up the program’s success like this: “There is nothing fundamentally wrong with at-risk youth and nothing fundamentally wrong with the public-school system. What is missing is the motivation to help our students succeed by showing them what is possible.”

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