Therapy dog saved after running away from fireworks

Jul 13, 2019

SAN ANTONIO -- The Fourth of July can be a stressful night for pets and their owners, especially if they escape.

Finley is a therapy dog at North Central Baptist Hospital. But after he ran away, he needed therapy himself.

"He is the epitome of a therapy dog we call him dapper dog." -- Lisa Kyrisch of North Central Baptist Hospital.

Four years ago on Fourth of July, Finley needed some extra love after the explosion of fireworks scared him away.

"He broke through two doors and jumped a fence and was hit by a car. He nearly died,” said Debbie Sinks, Finley’s Owner.

After being rescued, he was on his road to recovery. Kyrisch said Finley’s therapy was actually to come back and be a therapy dog.

"The first person we got to visit when we came to the hospital was a little girl who just got a cast put on her arm," said Sinks. 

She matched Finley because he had a cast on his leg. 

"This is just one dog there could’ve been hundreds of dogs being panicked," said Sinks.

Even after a full recovery, they won't be celebrating.

"Fourth of July is not for us. We stay home and close the curtains and lock the doors,” said Sinks.

Animal Care Services does offer some advice to keep them safe during the loud night. Visit City of San Antonio Animal Care Services Department at

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