Stereotaxis Robotic Ablation

Flexibility and control, that’s what Stereotaxis heart ablation surgery means to cardiologists. For arrhythmia patients, Stereotaxis CyberKnifeSurgery means a safer, less painful procedure, shorter recovery time and fewer risks of complications.

High-tech robotic procedures delivered with a human touch.

Baptist’s robotic ablation brings an alternative solution to treating arrhythmia, a serious health condition. Stereotaxis is an improved method of catheter ablation that makes complex procedures safer by allowing doctors precise control over the movement of a more flexible catheter.

Standard catheter ablation of arrhythmias requires stiff catheters with a limited range of motion that makes navigating in the heart challenging and sometimes dangerous. 

Baptist Heart & Rhythm Center of South Texas is the first and only in San Antonio to give patients another option, the Stereotaxis Robotic Navigation System.

The system creates a weak magnetic field around the patient that can be manipulate by an integrated computer and 3D mapping system to drive flexible catheters within the heart with extreme precision. This gives electrophysiologists greater control and better stability than can be achieved by hand.

Northeast Baptist Hospital has the first and only physicians in the San Antonio area performing this state-of-the-art treatment.

Get back into the rhythm of life.

Baptist is proud to be the first and only facility in San Antonio to offer the innovative Stereotaxis Robotic Navigation System for treatment of irregular heartbeat.

With arrhythmia, you may have a heartbeat that is too slow, too fast or out of rhythm. Patients may experience heart skipping, shortness of breath, mild chest discomfort or fatigue.

Many heart rhythm disorders can be cured by a minimally invasive procedure known as catheter ablation.