Hip Replacement Procedures

Get Relief from Hip Pain with Hip Replacement Surgery

At Baptist Health System, our hip replacement specialists know that pain, discomfort and difficulty moving can make it impossible to live your life the way you want to. When pain and stiffness make your daily routine difficult or impossible, hip replacement surgery can give you back mobility and control.

Why Choose Baptist?

Our caring and compassionate orthopedic doctors will work with you to develop a treatment plan that’s personalized to your needs. Less invasive treatments such as medication, physical therapy and cortisone injections are often prescribed before deciding surgery is necessary.

Hip replacement surgery (arthroplasty) is a procedure that can alleviate the pain and immobility that come with injury, deformity or diseases such as osteoarthritis. If you do require total or partial hip replacement surgery, in which the hip replacement surgeon replaces a worn out or damaged hip with a prosthesis (an artificial joint), you can rest assured we’ll be with you every step of the way. Common reasons for hip replacement surgery include hip damage, such as a fracture, and osteoarthritis, a loss of joint cartilage that limits movement, causes pain and inhibits daily activity.

Whether it’s worsening arthritis or a hip fracture that brings you to our hip replacement surgeons, you’ve already taken the most important step. You know that you want to live pain-free and you’re ready to do something about it.

To help assess your hip pain, take our Knee and Hip Health Risk Assessment. You can then print the results to discuss with your doctor.

Learn More About Hip Replacement Surgery

Learn more about the hip replacement process at Baptist. Read our Hip Replacement Guidebook. To find an orthopedic specialist who’s right for you, use our find a doctor search. For more information on hip replacement surgery or to schedule an appointment, call ​(866) 309-2873.

”Every patient gets their own private room, which is a big point for me because sleep is really important for these total joint patients,” says Dr. Bryan Kaiser, orthopedic surgeon.

“They also have sleeping accommodations for a guest or family member, which is also very important. Just to have someone else in the room, a family member — say the wife of the husband — who can watch how to do the total joint care and work the C.P.M. machines and be a part of the patient’s recovery,” says Dr. Kaiser. “That involvement is important because the family member certainly plays a large part in that when they go home.”