Specialized Medical Services

Our Comprehensive Care Experience

At Baptist, we provide medical services and specialties in San Antonio that fall outside of the traditional hospital structure in order to create a comprehensive care experience. Learn more about these services below and how they can contribute to your health and well-being.

Acute Care for Older Adults

See how our ACE Unit implements advanced techniques in geriatric acute care in order to treat conditions ranging from stroke recovery to pain management.

Sleep Labs

More than 25 percent of people have difficulty sleeping at one point or another. If you think you may be experiencing a sleep disorder, the sleep doctors at Baptist sleep labs can help.

Mental Health

Our acute inpatient psychiatric program is committed to quality of care in a safe, structured environment. Learn more on how our mental health specialists provide personalized behavioral health services and treatment for all emotional or psychiatric disorders.


At Baptist M&S Imaging, we use advanced radiology imaging technology and continually work hard to improve access to quality radiology imaging services. Read more about our board-certified radiologists who are committed providing top-notch imaging services.

Ostomy Clinic

Located in the Wound Healing Center at St. Luke’s Baptist Hospital, the Ostomy Clinic is an outpatient resource staffed by certified wound ostomy nurses, specially trained in ostomy care.


At Baptist Health System, we strive for the highest safety at our in-hospital pharmacies. Our pharmacists prioritize a culture of patient safety, ensuring you receive the right medication in the right dose at the right time. Learn more about our hospital pharmacy.

Urgent Care

Get care fast — no appointment needed! See where you can find our accessible and convenient urgent care services.

School of Health Professions

The School of Health Professions is the premier education component of Baptist Health System. Learn more about the health programs and coursework we offer.

Baptist at Your Business

Baptist Health System developed Baptist Healthy Solutions program to help you and your workforce be healthy. Learn more our innovative business health program.

Read about our Acute Care for the Elderly program with a team trained to care for the special needs of older adults.
Baptist Health System developed Baptist Healthy Solutions program to help you and your workforce be healthy.
Read about Baptist Health's Comprehensive Diagnostic Services including CT Scan, MRI Scan and Mammography imaging.
Read about our comprehensive mental health with inpatient behavioral health services in San Antonio, TX.
Our outpatient Ostomy Clinic provides care for several types of ostomies in one convenient setting.
Learn more about pharmacy services available at Baptist Health System.
When caring is your calling, join us at the School of Health Professions. Learn more about our programs.
Read about Baptist Health System's Sleep Labs for treatment of Sleep disorders and holistic Sleep Management.
No appointments needed. We accept most insurances. The service is express. The care is Baptist Healt.

Baptist Health System offers BreakThru, a medical withdrawal management service for individuals in the early stages of withdrawal from alcohol or drugs.