Benefits of Baptist Healthy Solutions

Solutions for Rising Health Care Costs

Our program offers your company and your employees a wealth of benefits. For more information about enrolling in our Baptist Healthy Solutions, call (210) 445-7088.

Healthy Families

Home is where health starts, and Baptist Healthy Solutions builds a bridge between business and family. Our program focuses on employee well-being, but involves the family in making healthier choices, creating the strongest opportunity for engagement.

Biometric Screenings

A properly and regularly screened workforce improves productivity, and contains and even lowers, employer health care costs.

Health Risk Assessment and Claims Analysis

Baptist uses data to understand the health dynamics of your workforce and tailor programs for your company.

Education and Counseling

The education and learning programs that we’ve developed, including on-site programs, have a proven record of success. We know how to create engagement.


Baptist makes it easy for families to keep up with immunizations, including annual flu shots.

Benefits Design and Behavior Alignment

A key part of our program is working with you to design your benefits to maximize participation and positive behavior change in your workforce and their families. We employ proven strategies to ensure that everyone is incentivized to fully participate in all parts of the program.

Online Wellness Portal

Our portal provides instant access to education, coaching and tracking tools. In addition, employees can view their personalized health profile, view their most recent screening results, learn about upcoming wellness events and even find a doctor.

VIP Care Network

Enrollment in the Baptist VIP Care Network is automatic for employees who work for one of our employer partners. A key component of the network is the individual VIP card that securely stores updated medical records and insurance information for easier, convenient access to health services.

Executive Health Program

Based on a comprehensive health assessment, select employees will enter a wellness program tailored to busy schedules and the demands of an executive’s day.

Primary Care Services

Baptist has one of the largest primary care networks in South Texas and is able to provide expedited appointments for employees and their families in our VIP Care Network.

Women’s Health

As part of the employer’s VIP Care Network, women can access speedy referrals and appointments to our specialists and services, such as genetic counseling at the unique, innovative Baptist Breast Center.

Pediatrics Care

An employee’s children need special kinds of care, too, and Baptist Health System has one of the most extensive pediatric care networks in South Texas, including the Baptist Regional Children’s Center.

Baptist Care Line

Employees and their families have immediate, 24/7 access to our VIP care line staffed by an experienced triage nurse who can answer questions, book doctor appointments and provide additional information.

Extra Care

Our team will use health risk assessment information, claims data and biometric screening results to identify employees who may benefit from additional support to help meet or exceeded their wellness goals.

Individualized Care

Baptist offers a range of services customized for employers from drug testing and fitness testing for specific jobs to expedited appointments for physical therapy or rehabilitation if needed.

On-Site Care and Mobile Health

Baptist can develop a variety of programs and opportunities for your employees to receive medical care on location at the company or through scheduled visits from our mobile health team.

On-Site Fitness, Dietary and Nursing Counseling

Baptist has a host of health coaches who can provide on-site workforce assessments, small group coaching, on-site challenges and educational programs, rounding and one-on-one counseling to employees.

Partners in Health

Baptist is also establishing a multidisciplinary network of the best health partners to further customize health solutions for employers.