Robotically Assisted Surgery for Spine

Better Outcomes, Less Recovery Time

At Baptist Health System, we know how intrusive back pain can be. That’s why we provide treatment options aimed at restoring your quality of life and minimizing time spent recovering. When rest, exercise and other conservative treatments alone won’t take care of nagging, disruptive or potentially dangerous back pain, we offer several surgical options, including robotic-assisted surgery at North Central Baptist Hospital.

Potential Benefits of Robotic-Assisted Surgery

Our robotic, minimally invasive technology is beneficial in that it can reduce the use of and exposure to radiation and fluoroscopy, enhancing safety. This technology offers greater accuracy than traditional open surgery and is able to make smaller incisions while helping to reduce risks and recovery time to get you back to your daily routine, faster. This technology allows the surgeon to plan placement of spine hardware prior to surgery,  minimizing human error and potentially improving your outcome.

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