What Is A Stroke?

Stroke Overview

A stroke is a medical emergency, demanding immediate care. A small stroke may leave an arm or leg weakened. A larger stroke may cause paralysis, loss of speech, or even death.

Signs and Symptoms of Stroke

Fast action can help minimize the damage done by a stroke. Call 911 or your local emergency number if you notice the sudden appearance of any of these symptoms.

Stroke Treatment and Recovery

Clot-busting medications are used for ischemic strokes. Other medications can reduce or control brain swelling.

Stroke Prevention

These lifestyle factors can help reduce your stroke risk: Keep your blood pressure under control; limit the amount of alcohol you drink; and if you have diabetes, watch your blood sugar levels.

Other Cerebrovascular Diseases

A stroke isn’t the only type of cerebrovascular disease. Carotid artery disease and cerebral aneurysms also fall into this category.