Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm

At Baptist, we have the most vascular specialists serving one hospital system in the state of Texas. Experience, skill and a commitment to your health—that’s what the specialists at The Vascular Institute and The Brain & Stroke Network offer you.

Expert care for your veins.

The complex, interconnected systems of your body are nourished by a common source ­– your blood vessels. Narrowing, blockages or clots in an artery or vein because of diabetes or vascular disease, can lead to poor circulation, amputation, organ damage, stroke and even death.

Our vascular specialists work to prevent, diagnose and treat vascular disease with skill and compassion. From drug therapy to catheterization treatments to vascular surgery, Baptist’s skilled surgeons and hospital staff have the expertise to treat your vascular condition.

Unsurpassed vascular and stroke care.

Teaming advanced procedures and skillset with patient-centered service through the highest quality vascular care - That’s Baptist Care.

Excellence in Care

The Joint Commission for hospital accreditation awarded certification for excellence in Disease-Specific Care of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm patients to Baptist Medical Center and North East Baptist Hospital in May 2013, and St. Luke's Baptist Hospital in March 2016. To date, there are only two other facilities in the United States, both outside of Texas, who have achieved this recognition.
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