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Genetic Counseling

Understand Your Genetic Risks

At Baptist Health System, our genetic counselors develop comprehensive risk assessments to evaluate your breast and other cancer risks.

Are you concerned about your cancer risk? We can help. At Baptist Health System, certified genetic counselors are available to work with you to create a personalized care plan aimed at lowering your likelihood of developing cancer or catching cancer early, when it’s most treatable. Our goal is to empower you to make informed decisions based on your unique health care needs, desires and risk level.

Your consultation visit is complimentary at Baptist Health, so you can decide if the service is right for you.

Why Choose Genetic Counseling?

A genetic counselor’s role is to help you make informed decisions about your health care. When you visit a genetic counselor at Baptist, you’ll receive guidance about your cancer risk based on your personal and family history, which might include referrals to specialists. Our genetic counselors are certified across the spectrum of medicine.

During a genetic counseling session, you’ll discuss:

  • Personal and family history of all types of cancer
  • A cancer risk assessment based on personal risk factors and family history
  • Screening and risk-reducing options available to manage cancer risk
  • Identification of family members who may be at increased risk
  • Genetic testing if medically appropriate and covered by insurance

Benefits of Genetic Counseling

The benefit of genetic counseling is that it enables both you and your doctor to better identify your cancer risk, management and treatment needs. Annual screenings, preventive surgeries and even risk-reducing medications are established by national guidelines and may be available to individuals known to have a hereditary cancer syndrome. Additionally, genetic counseling before and after genetic testing is beneficial because it allows our genetic counselors the opportunity to educate you on both genetic and cancer risk as well as appropriate management options.

Telegenetic Counseling

Hear Lauren’s story, using video conferencing for remote consultation with Baptist genetics specialists.

Baptist Telegenetics: Innovative Cancer Help


Doctor Referrals

The majority of patients referred for cancer genetic counseling are referred by their primary care doctor, OB/GYN, gastroenterologist, medical oncologist or surgical oncologist. These doctors often work with men and women who have an increased risk for cancer based on their personal or family history. While a doctor of any specialty can refer you for cancer genetic counseling, doctors in these specialties may have received additional education or training on the importance of family health history.

Insurance Coverage for Genetic Counseling and Testing

A genetic counseling consultation visit is a complimentary service offered through Baptist Health. Genetic testing is available and typically covered by insurance companies when your personal and/or family history meets specific criteria.

Learn More

For more information, contact a genetic counselor at (210) 730-9600 or via email at

For Physicians

If you identify a patient as appropriate for genetic counseling, or have a patient who’s interested in genetic counseling and/or genetic testing, please fax the following to (210) 730-9693, ATTN: Genetics:

  • Patient demographics
  • Insurance card
  • Relevant clinic notes

We’ll contact your patient for an initial phone consultation and then schedule them for formal genetic counseling and/or genetic testing. By sending a referral, you are consenting to stand as the ordering physician for any genetic testing. You’ll receive a risk and recommendations letter and genetic test result (if applicable) for every patient you refer.

Find an Oncologist

Fill out a contact form and we’ll call you to refer a doctor.