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Patients who recently underwent surgery (i.e., hip replacement, knee replacement, rotator cuff surgery, wrist surgery, etc.)  or are suffering from injury, accident or illness may benefit from orthopedic physical therapy in San Antonio to help get back to doing the things they love.

Our team of compassionate rehab care specialists will also keep you informed about your progress every step of the way. Wherever you are in San Antonio, safe and compassionate physical therapy is nearby.

What Is Physical Therapy?

The goal of orthopedic physical therapy is to help patients rebuild their strength, regain their range of motion and move and function after an injury or surgery. Physical therapists or physiotherapists (PTs) use various techniques to help patients manage or relieve pain, boost strength, coordination, flexibility and range of motion.

Physical therapy may be done in an inpatient or outpatient rehabilitation center, a physical therapy facility or at home.

What Does a Physical Therapist Do?

A PT evaluates patients, educates them on ways to relieve pain and become healthier, provides a rehab or treatment plan based on their specific needs to help patients get stronger, improve their ability to function and be able to move better each day. Some PTs specialize in specific conditions or patient populations. For example, some PTs work primarily with sports patients, older adults, arthritis patients, etc.

Working with a PT may need just a few sessions to several years of treatment, depending on the gravity of each case.

What Happens During Physical Therapy?

Orthopedic physical therapy involves a wide range of techniques that offer treatment for pain, swelling and other complications from musculoskeletal conditions. These include the use of assistive devices and the following:

  • Cryotherapy – is also known as cold therapy. It helps treat various tissue lesions using cold temperatures to free and remove damaged or abnormal tissue.
  • Dry needling – is a modern therapy option that uses needles to provide relief for muscular pain.
  • Electrical stimulation – uses electrical pulses and sends them through the skin to reduce pain or to help speed up muscle recovery by manipulating nerves and stimulating injured muscles.
  • Exercise therapy – uses certain exercises and stretches to help restore bone and muscle function, correct impairments and also help patients recover from injuries and other complex orthopedic conditions.
  • Joint mobilization – is the manual use of skilled passive movements to reduce joint pain and help restore normal joint function.
  • Hydrotherapy – is also known as water therapy. It uses water for pain relief in orthopedic conditions such as arthritis.
  • Kinesiology taping – uses special strips of tape on the body in specific directions to support the muscles, joints and tendons, and help improve mobility.
  • Laser or light therapy – uses light waves to help promote natural healing in and around the muscles, joints, bones, tendons and ligaments. It also helps promote tissue repair.
  • Patient education – is a crucial part of the healing process as patient cooperation is required every part of therapy and rehab. Also, educating our patients can help them stay in the know of the do’s and don’ts during recovery.
  • Soft tissue manipulation – covers various types of interventiuons that aim to help improve the condition of soft tissues, relieve pain and reduce swelling.
  • Thermotherapy – uses heat to widen blood vessels and increase blood flow in the skin to recude joint stiffness, treat symptoms of pain, relax muscles and decrease muscle spasm.
  • Traction – is a form of decompression therapy that may help relieve joint paint, alleviate pressure on the spine and other types of pain.

Which Conditions Can Be Treated with Physical Therapy?

Orthopedic physical therapy can help conditions that affect the bones, connective tissue, joints, ligaments, muscles and tendons, such as the following:

  • Arthritis
  • Back pain
  • Bursitis
  • Cancer
  • Knee pain or instability
  • Lyme disease
  • Lymphatic dysfunction
  • Muscular dystrophy
  • Pain at the bottom of the heel
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Range of motion limitations
  • Scoliosis
  • Shoulder pain or frozen shoulder
  • Spinal stenosis
  • Stroke

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Why Choose Baptist Rehabilitation Services?

Whether you’re recovering from an orthopedic injury, managing a neurological disorder or experiencing a life-changing event, Baptist’s rehabilitation specialists can help you through it. Here are some of the things you need to know about our rehab services:

  • We offer numerous options for outpatient orthopedic rehab services at multiple locations in San Antonio and the surrounding areas.
  • We offer personalized treatment options, including physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy services.
  • We provide psychological services and pastoral care to help patients adjust to specific lifestyle changes and fulfill their spiritual needs.

Helping You Meet Your Recovery Goals

At Baptist Health System, we pride ourselves on being your first choice for rehabilitation services and physical therapy in San Antonio. Our rehab treatment provides ongoing guidance and encouragement, so you get back to living your life. When it comes to rehab, you make many important choices, the first of which is who you trust to guide you through it.

At Baptist, we have advanced technology and techniques that can help guide you through a smooth recovery. Above all, we have the right people who are passionate about working with you toward recovery of optimal function. Baptist offers 19 convenient locations that provide exceptional outpatient rehab services.

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