Aqua Class Schedule

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Water Classes

MOBILITY: A structured class adaptable to a diverse population with special needs like arthritis or related conditions. Includes warm-up, toning, range of motion, light cardiovascular exercise and stretching. It will improve muscle tone and joint ROM. (Beginner, Both pools)

AQUASIZE: A higher intensity class including challenging cardiovascular exercise, muscle strengthening, and resistance exercise. Equipment utilized. (Intermediate, Lap Pool)

WATER WORKS: Higher intensity class focused on combining cardio, muscular strength, and movement. (Beginner to Intermediate, both pools)

FIT FOR H2O: Fun, movement focused class challenging cardiovascular and strength systems. Resistance equipment utilized. (Beginner to Intermediate)

DEEP WATER: A higher intensity 45 minute class conducted in deep water. Buoyancy device and resistance equipment may be used. The class includes a warm-up, cardiovascular exercise without impact, strengthening exercises and stretching. It will improve cardiovascular endurance and muscular strength. (Intermediate to Advanced, Lap Pool)