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Get Moving Again

Our orthopedic surgeons understand the importance of pain-free movement and independence, and they are anxious to help you regain the life you love. Whether you are dealing with problems with your spine, joint or neck pain, Baptist can help.

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Find the right treatment for your pain

Pain is personal, so we treat every kind differently.

Use our Orthopedic Health Library to learn more about joint pain, the conditions that cause it and how to treat it.

You can also learn more about the specific kind of pain you’re experiencing using the links below.

Where is your pain?

Joint replacement surgery is one of the most common treatments for joint pain. During the procedure an orthopedic surgeon replaces an injured or deformed joint with an artificial body part (prosthesis). It is performed when pain and stiffness make your daily activities difficult or impossible, and less-invasive methods – such as medication or physical therapy – have not been effective.

Our orthopedic specialists have treated many kinds of pain with joint replacement surgery:

  • From a 34-year-old nurse with hip dysplasia that had left her unable to perform her job or even walk her dog
  • To an 18-year-old baseball player whose broken wrist jeopardized his college scholarship
  • To a 71-year-old grandmother whose arthritis was so severe she considered canceling a trip to meet her newborn grandson

Wherever your life is broken, we’re here to offer healing.

A pain-free life is possible

At 58, Janet Page felt blessed to have nine grandkids. But she also felt sad and guilty because her pain was holding her back from spending time with them the way she wanted.

“I lived with joint pain for three years because my last doctor couldn’t find anything wrong,” says Janet. “I couldn’t get to church; I couldn’t play with my grandkids. One day, holding my granddaughter, I fell. That was the wake-up call I needed.”

Janet went to Baptist, and her doctor, Bryan Kaiser, found the problem and replaced the joint.

“Now I can play with my grandkids, and I can pick them up!” says Janet.

“Next summer I’m going on a mission trip. I’m pain free, and I’m finally back to living the life I’m supposed to live.”

Knee Replacement

Knee replacements can alleviate the pain and immobility that come with injury, deformity or diseases such as arthritis.

We specialize in total knee replacement (arthroplasty), in which the orthopedic surgeon removes damaged bone and replaces the knee with an artificial joint.

Hip Replacement

When pain and stiffness make your daily routine difficult or impossible, a hip replacement can give you back mobility and control.

We specialize in total hip replacement (arthroplasty), in which the orthopedic surgeon replaces the diseased or injured hip joint with an artificial ball-and-socket joint to create a new, healthier hip.