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Joint Pain

Get Moving Again

Do your joints ache? Sprained ankles and wrists, arthritic knees and hips and torn rotator cuffs all have one thing in common: They result in joint pain. Joint pain and joint disease can have a major impact on your ability to enjoy life to the fullest. Visit one of the joint clubs at Baptist Health System and get relief from your joint pain — and live an active life again!

At Baptist, our orthopedic surgeons understand the importance of pain-free movement and independence, and they are ready to help you regain the life you love. Whether you’re dealing with problems with your spine, joint or neck pain, Baptist can help.

How Do You Take Pain Away?

The Right Treatment for Your Pain

Pain is personal, so at Baptist, we treat every kind differently. That’s why you can expect to receive a personalized care plan to fit your unique needs. While we offer a variety of treatment options, including physical therapy, joint replacement surgery is one of the most common treatments for severe joint pain.

During the procedure, an orthopedic surgeon replaces your injured or deformed joint with an artificial body part (prosthesis). Joint replacement surgery is performed when pain and stiffness make your daily activities difficult or impossible, and less invasive methods — such as medication or physical therapy — haven’t been effective.

Where Is Your Pain?

Take the Knee & Hip Health Risk Assessment

Why Choose Baptist to Treat Your Joint Pain?

The orthopedic specialists at Baptist take joint and bone care very personally. And they should — many of them have undergone procedures like joint replacement at the Baptist facility where they work.

Our orthopedic doctors and surgeons have treated more than 30,000 joint pain sufferers since 2005. Every day, we strive to improve and offer you exactly what you need for your

specific joint pain. You’ll receive high-quality, personalized care at Baptist, with advanced testing and state-of-the-art treatment techniques. We never stop learning, and we never settle for just good enough.

Our orthopedic specialists have treated many kinds of pain with joint replacement surgery: From a 34-year-old nurse with hip dysplasia who was unable to perform her job or even walk her dog to an 18-year-old baseball player whose broken wrist jeopardized his college scholarship to a 71-year-old grandmother whose arthritis was so severe she considered canceling a trip to meet her newborn grandson. Wherever your life is broken, we’re here to offer healing.

Get Help for Your Arthritis Pain

At Baptist Health System, our orthopedic specialists know that arthritis is more than just a pain — it can deprive you of being able to do the things you like to do. Whether it’s walking the dog, cooking in your kitchen or just being able to put on your own socks and shoes, we can help you get back to your daily life.

Our arthritis specialists treat more than 100 types of arthritis diseases and conditions, including rheumatoid arthritis — the most common type of arthritis that affects the wrist and small joints of the hand — and psoriatic arthritis, a form of arthritis that affects people with the skin condition psoriasis.

Arthritis Symptoms

Arthritis and other rheumatic diseases are characterized by pain, swelling, and limited movement in joints and connective tissues in the body. Although arthritis and rheumatic diseases can affect anyone from children to older adults, arthritis is the leading cause of disability among people ages 65 and older, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Diagnosing arthritis and other rheumatic diseases can sometimes be difficult, as many symptoms are similar among the different diseases. To make an accurate diagnosis, your doctor will review your medical history, perform a complete physical exam and possibly order laboratory tests, X-rays or other imaging tests.

No matter what form of arthritis you’re suffering from, the arthritis specialists at Baptist can help. We understand that your condition is as unique as you are, so we treat your arthritis in a personalized way. Your doctor will work with you to find the most appropriate treatment options for your particular arthritis.

Learn More

Learn more about the surgical options to end joint pain offered at Baptist, including total knee replacement surgery and hip replacement surgery.

Knee Quiz

Quantify how knee pain is affecting your quality of life with our assessment.

Find an Orthopedic Specialist

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