Critical for Care

There’s no one more critical in caring for Baptist’s patients than our nurses. For more than a century, the nurses of Baptist Health System have been an integral part of delivering compassionate care.

At Baptist, we applaud the dedicated nurses who deliver patient-focused care every day. Our nurses are committed to our first priority: that our patients receive the best treatment possible. That’s Baptist Care.

Frontline Caregivers

Whether they are helping to bring a new life into the world, rushing to stabilize a patient in the Emergency Room, or monitoring a post-op patient to make sure they are emerging safely and comfortably from anesthesia and surgery, every nurse’s role is crucial.

Whether newly graduated or with years of experience at the bedside, the nurses of Baptist Health System have our gratitude, respect and thanks as they guide our patients and our hospitals in a positive direction.

When Caring is Your Calling

Educating nursing professionals is an important mission at Baptist Health System, one we’ve taken seriously for more than a century. Today, Baptist Health System’s School of Health Professions is preparing students to enter careers in nursing, medical imaging, sonography and surgical technology.

With their strong clinical and theoretical backgrounds, graduates are prepared with outstanding entry-level job skills and foundation coursework that pave the way for continued growth throughout their professional lives.

Your success starts here at the Baptist Health System School of Health Professions. We are the premier education component of the Baptist Health System, where learners and graduates are among the very best prepared healthcare professionals.

Become a Nurse or Healthcare Professional.

Nursing Jobs at Baptist

If you are interested in becoming part of the Baptist team, we would love to talk with you.

For more information on employment opportunities, please call (210) 297-7005 or visit our Careers page.