Cardiac Rehabilitation

Cardiac Phase II Rehabilitation: Getting Hearts Back to Health

At Baptist Health System, we understand that heart care doesn’t end when you leave our hospital. That’s why in addition to diagnosing and treating cardiovascular conditions, we offer dedicated heart and vascular rehabilitation services through our Cardiac Rehabilitation Phase II program. This unique multi-phase program is designed for people with a variety of heart conditions, including those:

  • Recovering from a heart attack
  • Recovering from a coronary bypass or valve surgery, angioplasty or stent procedure
  • Suffering from angina or heart failure

A Comprehensive Outpatient Program

Cardiac Rehabilitation Phase II includes outpatient services that use exercise and education to help you reduce risks and prevent complications after a cardiac procedure. This step-by-step program typically begins one to four weeks after discharge from the hospital, upon your doctor’s referral.

Through the program, you’ll receive exercise and education up to three times a week for 36 visits. You can feel confident knowing that all classes are monitored with an electrocardiogram (EKG) and supervised by a cardiologist and a nurse with strong cardiac clinical skills. What else can you expect to get from the program?

  • Instruction and supervision on exercise equipment, including treadmills, stationary bikes and recumbent ellipticals
  • Exercise in a group setting to give you the social support and encouragement you need to succeed
  • Progress reports sent on a regular basis to your doctor
  • Risk-factor counseling and education, including smoking cessation, cholesterol and blood pressure control
  • Diabetes, weight and stress management techniques
  • Nutritional assessment and counseling on an as-needed basis
  • Education as well as individualized sessions for you and your family

Will My Insurance Cover Rehabilitation?

Currently, Medicare, which generally sets the standard for reimbursement, will cover cardiac rehab if you’ve experienced any of the following:

  • Congestive heart failure
  • Heart attack within a calendar year of the start of cardiac rehab
  • Coronary artery bypass surgery
  • Stable angina
  • Angioplasty or stent in a coronary artery
  • Heart transplant or heart lung transplant
  • Heart valve replacement or repair

Supervised Exercise Therapy (SET)

What is SET therapy?

Supervised exercise therapy (SET) is a treatment for patients with peripheral arterial disease (PAD). PAD is a vascular disease caused by the gradual building of plaque on the walls of leg arteries.

If you experience severe leg pain after walking a short distance, talk to your doctor. You must be diagnosed with peripheral arterial disease by your physician and be cleared to exercise to participate in a SET program. A referral from your physician is required to start SET.

What should I expect from SET?

This therapy regimen incorporates gradual exercise training to improve walking distance with less leg pain.

  • Frequency: supervised sessions are three to five times a week; each session is typically 30-60 minutes, depending on your tolerance.
  • Duration: up to 12 weeks.
  • Type of exercise: you will receive an individualized exercise program consisting of a treadmill, recumbent bike or other cardiovascular equipment and strength training (if appropriate)
  • Education: you will learn about lifestyle changes, exercise education, risk factors and nutrition.
  • Supervision: you will work with qualified healthcare providers such as a nurse and/ or exercise physiologist. The team will communicate with your physician regarding updates on your progress.
  • Goals of SET: improve walking distance with less pain, muscle strength and quality of life

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