Nursing and Allied Health Students

Requirements for Clinical Rotation

Current Affiliation Agreement (contract with your school)

Students must attend a school or program with a current affiliation agreement with Baptist Health System. Please contact your school to find out if an affiliation agreement is in place.

Student Paperwork

Download Student Orientation Booklet

Before the start of your clinical experience, you must read all material in the BHS Orientation Booklet. After reading, you must complete and return the following documents:

  • Orientation Record
  • Exhibits A & B
  • Preceptor Agreement: only for those assigned to a BHS Preceptor
  • NICU Hand Hygiene Contract: only for those assigned to the NICU

All completed paperwork must be emailed to the following individuals:

  • Undergraduate and graduate students working with BHS staff should return paperwork to Lorna Thomas, [email protected]
  • Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants or Surgical First Assist students should return paperwork to Theresa Kirkpatrick, [email protected].

Paperwork is not to be submitted to staff at the hospital. Incomplete/unsigned forms will be returned for completion and the student will not receive clearance to begin clinicals until all completed forms are received.

Scheduling Rotation Days/Hours

  • Undergraduate and graduate students: Your school’s facility/clinical coordinator will work with hospital units to identify a Preceptor for you to work with. Please contact your instructor for more information.
  • Nurse Practitioner/Physician Assistant students: Please visit the Find a Physician section of this website for a list of physicians that practice at BHS. It is the student’s responsibility to find a physician or nurse practitioner to serve as Preceptor.

Electronic Health Record (EHR) Access

Electronic Health Record (EHR) access is not offered to students, however, your Clinical Instructor/Preceptor will assist you in obtaining the appropriate patient information required to care for each patient.

Review of Student Policies

Before you arrive to your assigned facility, please review the following:

  • Student/Faculty Infections Illness and Clinical Restrictions (HR-EH-17)
  • Student Assignments at BHS Hospitals (HR-99)
  • Student Affiliation Agreement and Orientation Requirements (HR-105)
  • Medication Administration Process for Nursing Students

Additional BHS Policies and Procedures are located on the BHS Intranet homepage under the “Most Popular” tab. Please ask our staff for assistance locating policies.

Download Student Policies