Providing an added layer of safety for women who give birth at our hospital

Our OB Hospitalists are dedicated solely to enhancing the quality of care for The Nest at Baptist Health System's. Always on-site, our OB Hospitalists will support your doctor or midwife and your birth plan to help give you peace of mind when your baby arrives. Our mission is to elevate the standard of women’s healthcare in South Texas by ensuring every expectant mother, regardless of time of day or physician association, is seen by a physician right away if she needs urgent care.

How an OB Hospitalist Program Benefits You

Physician Availability

  • Board-certified, OB hospitalists are immediately available on-site 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • In the event that your physician is not available, OB hospitalists can examine you, evaluate the progress of your labor and review test results and fetal heart rate tracings. They will address any evolving issues and help provide you and your baby with a safe delivery, if needed.
  • Being hospital-based, an OB hospitalist will always be on-site to visit you, monitor your progress and discuss any questions or concerns you or your family may have.
  • Due to their primary focus of hospital-based obstetrical care, OB hospitalists are experienced in providing emergent care and are on-site if an emergency occurs.
  • Our OB hospitalists will be in communication with your physician, midwife and other care providers to help ensure continuity of care and a collaborative birthing experience.

Highly Skilled

  • If your physician is unavailable or delayed reaching the hospital, an experienced obstetrician will be present for both routine and unanticipated events, as well as answer any questions you or your family may have.
  • Our OB hospitalists are highly skilled in a variety of delivery techniques, including vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC).
  • In addition to being board-certified, our OB hospitalists are required to maintain high levels of clinical performance and professional standards.

Peace of Mind
You want the best care for you and your baby. And so do we. The OB hospitalist program is a key component in elevating patient safety and enhancing the quality, coordination and efficiency of care for women, newborns and their families. Your physician will make sure the OB hospitalist on-site has your complete medical records. The OB hospitalist caring for you in your doctor’s absence will deliver a complete treatment report to your doctor so your continued treatment is thorough and consistent. Our team at The Nest.

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