Baptist Health Leadership Team

Our people are at the heart of our mission to serve our communities. Deeply instilled in each of our leaders is the sincere dedication to bring expert health care through world-class innovation and service to our communities. By maintaining close relationships with the people in our communities, our leaders have access to consistent, reliable feedback that helps us strengthen our care processes and improve the health of everyone we serve.
Matthew Stone
Group CEO, Baptist Health System and Texas Tenet Group
Photo of Matthew Stone
Brady Phillips
Group Chief Strategy Officer (CSO)
Photo of Brady Phillips
Kristen Lemus, MSN, MHA, RN
Group Chief Nursing Officer
Photo of Kristen Lemus, MSN, MHA, RN
Sowjanya Mohan, MD
Group Chief Medical Director
Photo of Sowjanya Mohan, MD
Charles Handley
Group Chief Financial Officer
Photo of Charles Handley
Stephanie Talley
Group Chief Human Resources Officer
Photo of Stephanie Talley
Joseph Perez, MDIV, BCC
Chief Mission & Ministry Officer
Photo of Joseph Perez, MDIV, BCC
Benjamin Richaud
President and CEO, Baptist Medical Center
Photo of Benjamin Richaud
Bill Waechter, MHA
President and CEO, North Central Baptist Hospital
Photo of Bill Waechter, MHA
Erik Frederick, M.H.A.
President and CEO, Mission Trail Baptist Hospital
Photo of Erik Frederick, M.H.A.
Mark Bernard
President and CEO, Resolute Baptist Hospital
Photo of Mark Bernard
Michael Cline, M.S.
President and CEO, Northeast Baptist Hospital
Photo of Michael Cline, M.S.
Vicki Gulczewski, RN, MSN
President and CEO, St. Luke’s Baptist Hospital
Photo of Vicki Gulczewski, RN, MSN